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Sweden is known for generous parental leave policies, making it a great place for parents looking to spend time off with their kids. Stockholm is no exception, with parent and kid friendly coffee shops and attractions in abundance. Spend your day like a local mom or dad in the city practically made for strollers.

Café Egoïste

Café Egoïste is a French/Swedish bistro, located in the trendy concept mall Mood in the Östermalm area. This place serves outstanding Swedish coffee with the best of French pastry and food. If you're looking for something truly Swedish, go for the giant cinnamon bun, made famous by the sister café Saturnus.


Kungsträdgården is one of the oldest parks in Stockholm. In the 15th century it was a kitchen garden, which gradually transformed into a Royal Garden. Now it is a traditional meeting point for both citizens and tourists. The park features an ice rink around the Statue of Charles XIII in winter. In spring, when all 68 Sakura trees blossom, the day of Sakura is celebrated (on 30 April). Kungsträdgården hosts free concerts, youth festivals and other open-air events in summer and autumn. One of them is a gay-parade with colorful flags, speckled costumes, and creative posters. Swedes are loyal to their city. In 1971 the governmental plan to construct a metro station, which called for the old elms to be chopped down, led to violent protests and even a tree-hugger campaign (people chained themselves to the elms). Eventually the trees were saved. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the park holds Qigong from 9:00 till 10::00 till the end of September.


Artipelag is an international venue for art, located in the Stockholm archipelago. Walking up to this disguised-in-nature building you will see interactive art installations alongside views of the beautiful archipelago. Choose to take the boardwalk, and feel free to explore the art pieces spread out through the woodsy nature that surrounds it. Artipelag offers art exhibitions, activities for all ages, and a perfect restaurant and café where you can find Swedish delicacies and a buffet. In the 2,000 square foot design shop, you will find a showroom full of Scandinavian goods.

Artipelag Smorgasbord

Take the opportunity to enjoy some Swedish delicacies at Artipelag’s smorgasbord buffet. Swedish salmon, potatoes, pies, desserts and coffee are all on the menu. If you have small children, feel free to heat their food in the restaurant’s microwave.


Stikkinikki ice cream parlor makes seasonal, natural, no-additives-needed gelato – freshly every day. The three venues, located on Drottninggatan (City), Götgatan, and Mariatorget (Södermalm), are known for their various delicious and fun flavors: Ricotta, vegan cashew vanilla, strawberry lemonade sorbet, and peanut butter crumb are just a few of the flavors you might be lucky to see here.

Kulturhuset Stadsteatern

Kulturhuset is Stockholm’s centrally located building for culture and theatre. Library, actor’s stage, art exhibitions, cafés and rooftop bar all find place at this venue. Kulturhuset also offers activities for young children and youth up to the late teenage years. Come here for lunch during the daytime, as well as dinner, drinks and a theatre show during the evening.

Vintage Tram Djurgårdslinjen

The vintage tram, numbered 7n runs weekends during spring and winter, and all days during summer. 7n is included in the public transport system, and acts as a quick and fun way to get to Stockholm’s most entertaining area, Djurgården. Well on the island, you will find Gröna Lund amusement park, several museums, and a large petting zoo.


Skansen is the home of local animals, a petting zoo, aquarium, as well as wild and tame exotic animals. The authentic old time environment shows you how Swedes lived in the olden days. Skansen is located on the island of Djurgården, which can be reached by bus, boat or by foot (bus, tram and boat accessible through the SL Access card/public transport system). This is bound to be a true family favorite, as well as a good spot to meet a friend, no matter your age.

Oaxen Krog & Slip

Oaxen Krog & Slip offers high end cuisine to affordable prices. The restaurant is beautifully located on Beckholmen, just a five minute walk away from Djurgården. It is a haven away from the turmoil of the city, with airy architecture that goes hand in hand with the Scandinavian flavors.


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