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Stureplan is known as one of Stockholm’s poshest areas. With a love for clean cut styles, and exclusive drinks at late hours, locals come here to enjoy themselves in a beautiful surrounding. If you’re looking for a full night without having to travel far between stops, this guide will take you through Stureplan area – from early evening to late night.


Zita is an independent movie salon, and a part of “Folkets bio” (which roughly translates to “The People’s Cinema”). This means, Zita carries a tradition of gathering some of the best independent international short- and long films for cinema screening. Here, you’ll find films from all over the world, and a cultural crowd from all around the city.

Start off with some bio friendly candy and soda from the kitschy ‘50s reception, and continue on to the screening of your choice.


In the middle of Mood – a conceptual mall dressed in curious interiors – you’ll find Boqueria. Surrounded by palm trees and clean steel furniture, the square bar serves up well crafted drinks, and easy-to-eat food. Start of with bread and cheeses, and continue on with tapas. Sea food and veggie tapas are warmly recommended.

“Raciones” are served for two to share. Paella or shoulder of milk fed lamb comes with fries, salad and truffle mayonnaise. This place is great for an unpretentious night out, good enough to stay a few hours, or for a short bit before heading out for a full night clubbing.

Story Hotel

On the ground floor of design hotel Story, the parisian bar serves after work cocktails in a jazzy atmosphere. Art posters hung on concrete walls give warmth to the intimate place. Copper, black, and grey are the main colors here, which, paired with crystal glasses and friendly bartenders, creates a welcoming atmosphere.

The bar picks up a notch on Wednesdays and weekends, when a local DJ plays records. Count on finding locals as well as international guests during your stay, sipping on Old Fashioned and draft beer. As a side note, the non-alcoholic drinks are excellent here.

Italiano Caffé

Italiano first opened in 1989, with Angelo Ottobre as owner, and the place is run by the family to this day. Breakfast, dinner, lunch and drinks are all served in a modern atmosphere. The only beer served is Italian, and you will find a great selection of liquors and wine here, to be served in delicate, thin glasses.

If you need a little pick-me-up, an espresso and Italian pastry might make you feel energized.

Nosh and Chow

Designed by Spanish interior genius Lázaro Rosa-Violán, the three-floor “town house” is abundant in textiles, industrial details, crystal glasses and pompous decorations. This place is a mix of influences and eras, resulting in an indulgent yet tasteful experience that makes you feel like you’re someplace else than the minimalist North.

Take a seat by the fireplace on the terrace, dance to great music, and sip on an Old Fashioned. During the summers, this area will be filled with locals who socialize and dance under the midnight skies.


O-baren is located on the second floor going through the neighboring bar and restaurant Sturehof. Up here, a stone’s throw away from the sterile Nordic interior downstairs, you will find yourself in a black-painted room, filled with loud music and people dancing. Here’s a place that lures both Östermalm-locals, and the kids from Södermalm.

Fridays and Saturdays tend to fill the place up by midnight. During weekdays, live performances are a steady recurrence. The drink of most visitor’s choice here is a classic gin and tonic, or a non-pretentious beer.


If you’re craving some good electronic music, head over to East. This place closes late, and is known for a happy-to-dance and stylish audience. During the warmer times of the year, the terrace is a good spot for socializing and enjoying the warm winds.

East features several bars, which is a good move towards avoiding the usually over-crowded bars. Order a drink here and let yourself get lost in the music together with a few good friends, and you’re likely to stay all night long.


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