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Stockholm, Sweden

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Helena Öhman

As the leaves turn yellow and start to fall to the ground, Stockholm shows itself from its most beautiful side. Foggy days with crisp air and the warmth from distant rays of the sun, make the fall months the best time of year to enjoy what nature has to give. With breaks for energy, hot chocolate and a seasonal meal, this guide will help you enjoy this beautiful season.


Djurgården is known as “the Royal Game Park”. It used to be the old hunting grounds of the Royal family, nowadays open to the public. The island is one of Stockholm’s most well known islands. On the right side, you will find the amusement park and zoo, while the left side is for the strollers, runners, and those wanting to bring their own food for a picnic. As you walk along the sand road on the west side, you will see ducks and geese, families playing by the water, ponies and other animals in their pens.

Rosendals trädgård

Rosendals Trädgård is a public area of the Royal Game Park, showcasing gardening through time. There is a greenhouse, a flower shop In the summer, there are fields of wildflowers that you can pick to compile your own bouquet for a cheap price. In the fall, the branches of the apple trees aligning with the restaurant will be heavy from ripe fruit, waiting for you to pick a few fruits to taste.

The restaurant serves seasonal soups, home baked sweets, coffee and tea. If the weather allows, enjoy your lunch outside by one of the many tables in the garden. Watch families explore the surrounding gardens, and the small birds beg for a few of your crumbles.

Biological museum

The Biological museum is one of Stockholm’s most quaint and small museums. It was built in 1893 and consists of three floors, showcasing stuffed animals in their natural surroundings. See the mammals and European birds inside dioramas that stretch throughout the whole room, and get a feel for the Nordic landscape.

The Biological museum is perhaps the least known museum in Djurgården. This means that you might get it all to yourself if you get here outside of peak hours.


Chokladkoppen is one of Stockholm’s most iconic coffee shops, or in this case, hot chocolate stops. Inside this tiny place, you’re warmly welcomed by an international crew of baristas. Sit down at one of the tiny tables along the arching walls and order the hot chocolate made from scratch with pure cocoa – it’s Chokladkoppen’s trade mark.

Chokladkoppen attracts locals as well as visitors as it is located by the famous square Stortorget and not far away from the Royal castle. Yet, it has a quaint and intimate feeling, thanks to its humble size and friendly staff.

Café String

Café String on Södermalm is one of Stockholm’s most popular cafés for a chat and some easy going activities.

Here, open mic nights, improv theater, and teenagers having a cup of tea while talking away is a common sight. The coffee shop has a kitschy but bohemian ‘50-’60s interior, and room for many. Play board games, or find a deck of cards for a game of solitaire. Have a cheap cup of tea while people watching at this coffee shop established in 1922.


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