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Stockholm is an amazing city food-wise - the residents of Stockholm are extremely keen to try new culinary trends from every corner of the world, especially in the hipster mecca of Södermalm. As a foodie one can find almost any ingredient readily available here, and the reigning green mentality makes it easy to access clean, fresh produce almost anywhere in the city. Follow me on a foodie walk through Stockholm, and I'll show you some of my favorite spots for buying and eating great food while experiencing the city.

This guide is curated by Emily Dahl – photographer and foodie based in Stockholm. Emily's blog can be found on http://milkandarsenic.com.

Urban Deli

This is truly one of Stockholm’s most iconic SoFo delis – well visited by locals with an eco friendly mindset. Urban Deli is run by a set of friendly staff members, and offers local produce, organic food, and delicacies from the world, as well as a bar and restaurant just around the corner. Enjoy a freshly squeezed juice from the shop's small hole in the wall-serving window, or buy a bouquet of fresh cut flowers. If you happen to be here in fall, make sure you enjoy one of Sweden's simplest delicacies – home grown apples.

Stigbergsgatan & Fjällgatan

Walk along Renstiernas gata up towards Tjärhovsplan. Look to you right, and you'll see an old wooden staircase rising up towards the cliffs above. Walk up the staircase and you'll find the historical area that is Stigbergsgatan and Fjällgatan, complete with tiny red and white cottages in the typical Swedish folk style dating back as far as the 1700 and 1800's. Walk along Stigbergsgatan and you'll find the winding stairs called Sista styverns trappor, leading down to Fjällgatan, where the view of Stockholm is just breathtaking.

Göta Fisk

If you plan to incorporate fish in your dinner, here's the place to shop. Not only is their fish fresh and great tasting, the kind staff is always willing to help you find the best choice available for the season, judging by freshness and origin - and they offer everything from smoked herring to fresh lobster. And if you don't need fish, buy some locally grown vegetables instead, some fresh eggs, perhaps, or a jar of their homemade Swedish Skagenröra (it's this amazing thing made from shrimp, dill and horseradish. I promise you will love it).

Gunnarssons konditori

Gunnarssons is a specialty bakery in the midst of Södermalm on Götgatan.

Their speciality is their freshly baked bretzel. The bretzels (chewy, salty pretzels that succeed at being both crispy yet soft at the same time) are only sold on Fridays to guarantee freshness. Buy some of their home-made, mouthwatering parmesan cookies too. Or their special chocolate almond pastry which is an homage to Greta Garbo (who lived close by, and actually worked at a hair salon housed next door, back in the 1920's). They're called Garbo's Tears and they are amazing.

Love food cafe

Across Mariatorget, you'll find Love food café – and their authentic cajun food on Hornsgatan.

LFC is a cajun style slowcooker sandwich joint. Open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. it's one of few places in Stockholm that serve lunch after 3 p.m. Build your own sandwich by choosing a bun, filling, toppings and sides from the menu on the wall (for example porkbelly with kimchi, coleslaw and fries), or ask Stockholm's nicest chef (you won be able to miss him, he's the friendly guy taking you order) what he thinks would suit you best. LFC always has new interesting beer options to pair with you custom sandwich.

Gamla Stan

When in Gamla stan, avoid the worst tourist attractions by passing Järntorget up towards Prästgatan. You're now in Stockholm's Old Town, dating back to the 1200's(!). Walk along Prästgatan, which has a calmer atmosphere than the more crowded tourist streets, and just look up at the slanty old buildings and down the winding, narrow alleyways. Walk towards the city center and you'll pass the Castle and a number of beautiful buildings and churches on the way. If you're feeling cold, stop by Chokladkoppen at Stortorget 18, close to the Nobel museum, and have a cup of heavenly hot white chocolate with fresh orange peel.
Simply walking along the streets here will make any season beautiful.

Cajsa Warg

Cajsa Warg is the Swedish equivalent of American Wholefoods, and this particular store is housed in what used to be an old cinema (and after that, the headquarters for Swedish Elle Magazine). Here you can buy pretty much any type of produce you might want, including rare ingredients that you can't buy anywhere else. Just walking around amongst the beautifully displayed food on high wooden shelves is foodie inspiration enough for a week!

Petite France

Petite France has, since its opening a couple of years ago, become the pillar of French pastry culture in Stockholm. They serve food as well, breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it is their boulangerie that they've become famous for. And their French atmosphere, of course; the staff actually speaks more French that Swedish. Petite France has won the Swedish restaurant award Gulddraken three times, and sell handpicked cheeses, sausages and compottes to go with their freshly baked breads. Pick up a loaf or three of something tasty-looking or a couple of pastries. Don't forget to say "au revoir" on your way out.


This is Stockholm's best equipped and prettiest kitchen supply store: Cordon-Bleu on Vasagatan.

They stock colorful Le Creuset pots, pristine marble mortars and razor sharp Laguiole knives on display in the window. Come here for a high-end cooking supply, well visited by some of the most passionate foodies in Stockholm.


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