Östermalms saluhall

Stockholm, Sweden


The main market of the country is situated near Nybroplan berth. It is among top ten markets in the world. You won't find a better place for 'fika' (a coffee & bun break). Its red brick building was constructed in 1888, which was a real breakthrough back then. Everyone from Swedish housewives to Royal Court chefs came here for fresh fish, vegetables and rare herbs.
Walk through the rows of shopping stalls, try skagenrora (Swedish shrimp cocktail) at Lisa Elmqvist Restaurant, taste an excellent smoothie at Planet Food and some Betsy Sandberg chocolate cooked to a hundred-year-old recipe.
Traders work here for decades, and some of them even hand their businesses down from generation to generation. Prices might be even higher than at the restaurants, but you just can't leave Östermalms Saluhall without buying anything.


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