Nybrogatan 38

Stockholm, Sweden


Alexandra Goncharova

Swedish 'kvarterskrog' literally means something like 'a bistro in the neighborhood' or 'a restaurant of the district'. At first it was used for simple restaurants close to the house. But in the last couple of years it acquired a new meaning. Now 'kvarterskrog' refers to newly opened trendy bistros, owned by famous chefs or restaurant groups. These outlets focus on a mixture of quality-atmosphere-accessibility combination. Open for a couple of years now, Nybrogatan 38 is a great example of 'kvarterskrog': mouthwatering food and nice atmosphere at a reasonable price. These qualities make foodies from all over the town come here every day. The place is open till late at night. Early breakfast (from 7:30) with courses for any taste (from cereal and omelette to smoothies and fruit salad with yoghurt) is its specialty.


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