Nobel Museum

Stockholm, Sweden


Alexandra Goncharova

Located in the very center of the Old Town, Nobel Museum aims to make science and innovation attractive to the public. Much of the exposition is devoted to inspiring videos, interactive animated movies and scientific phenomenon.
The museum has a permanent exposition on history of the Nobel Prize, and an annual exposition devoted to current year's laureates and their discoveries. Apart from that there are temporary expositions displaying works of art students. An audio guide is available in several languages (20 kr). A 40-minute highlight tour called 'Cultures of Creativity' in English is included in the entrance fee. You will hear about Albert Nobel, the history of Nobel Prize, its winners and the most notable discoveries. The museum has a bistro resembling classic Viennese intellectual cafes. You should drop in – either for a glass of smoothie or a full meal.

Entrance fees: 100 SEK, students and senior citizens – 70 SEK, children under 18 – free.
Please note that Tuesdays 17:00 till 20:00 the museum offers free admission to all its guests.


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