Stockholm, Sweden


Igor Lobanov

Situated in the very center of the city, Queen's pedestrian street (Drottninggatan) is a great example of Stockholmers' attitude towards their city. It's covered with citations from Strindberg's poems, cast in stainless steel and installed in the asphalt. Strindberg Museum is also located in this street, at 85, Drottninggatan. All the historic buildings are 'protected' by stone lions, who sit 100 meters away from each other. The street itself almost never sleeps.
Drottninggatan, an absolute tourist hot spot (tourists come here for postcards and souvenirs), is crowded with Gamla Stan citizens. Don't forget to explore the blue building of the Concert Hall (across the street from PUB – a reloaded center of reasonable shopping). Hotorget Market, a cozy place offering fresh berries and fruits in summer and warm clothes in winter, lies between the PUB and the Concert Hall.


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