Del Diego

Madrid, Spain


Sabrina Praga

This place ideally suits the real cocktail lovers. There is a vast variety of cocktails in this elegant New York style bar, and by the way there is one of the best cocktail lists in Madrid: gin-tonic, mojito, pina colada, daiquiri… But in fact, the most popular is their special cocktail Soltero Tranquilo (“Tranquil single”), created in the name of the bachelor, the regular at this bar. Del Diego is considered to be one of the most prestigious bars in Madrid. The drinks are served with small snacks, crockets or Iberian jamon. Nice, calm atmosphere is perfectly complemented with music background (jazz, funk, acid), that makes one feel like for peaceful evening talks. The service here is on high level: tuxedoed waiters and barmen are very attentive and courteous. All these make Del Diego one of the most popular cocktail bars of Madrid. Definitely try “Cosmopolitan”!


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