Dining and shopping around Rambla de Catalunya

Barcelona, Spain

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Kristina Shvets

Don't get into shopping frenzy in Paseo de Gracia shopping street – walk to the parallel Rambla de Catalunya. The same brands but more shops, fewer tourists and great restaurants, delis, galleries and candy shops we will tell you about.


Serving a dozen of delicacies, Farga is a nice buffet-type breakfast spot. A traditional breakfast here includes flautas con jamón, i.e. small sandwiches with local ham, as well as croissants, sweets and cakes.


A small gallery mainly exhibiting works by modern Spanish artists. The most exciting paintings are often placed in the display windows so that it's hardly possible to pass by without visiting the gallery.

Lafuente – Colmado Quilez

The oldest grocery chain in Barcelona, it has two names – Lafuente and Colmado Quilez, so some branches go under one name and some under another. This is a family business so they respect traditions – no hiking the prices (even though their locations are very touristy), daily siesta (from 1 to 4 pm) and their own buy-and-pay system inside, which is confusing if you don’t speak Spanish – you choose, get a receipt and pay in three different places. But the purchase is worth it – get the perfect brie for just 1.5 euros. And everyone wonders how on earth they are still afloat with such prices.


The only Muji store in Barcelona so rush to get Japanese minimalistic pajamas, perfect raincoats, cute notebooks and pens, cosmetic bags and million items you don't need but they look so ideal. A guide to escape – grab a couple of pens, a beige notebook and run, baby, run.

Cervecería Catalana

Catalan bar/restaurant Cerveceria Catalana is especially well-known among tapas fans. Just sit at the counter and point to any tapas you like. It’s best to begin with pan con tomate – grilled bread rubbed with fresh tomatoes and seasoned with olive oil, salt and pepper. Add to it a slice of first-class jamon and go on to straight-from-the-sea grilled seafood - navajas a la placha, sepia a la plancha, broscheta de gambas. Those can be ordered from the menu. They also make solomillo de ternera, or mini-steaks. If there is still some room in your stomach left, finish the dinner with one of the home-made desserts. Another good thing about this venue is that the average bill per person rarely exceeds 20 Euros, including alcohol.

Think Sweet

This candy shop has its name right being the sweetest place in the entire district. Though lots of pink and white will make your head spin, the super delicious crema catalana, carrot cake or Oreo cupcakes will make up for it.

Jardins del Palau Robert

A small lush garden with cozy benches. It's a vivid example of old gardens that used to surround the townhouses of the Barcelonian bourgeois, and a perfect spot for a breakfast with croissants or an afternoon siesta.

Flash Flash Tortillería

Created in the 1970s, Flash Flash Tortilleria quickly became incredibly popular among the local bourjois. Nowadays the venue's speciality is a traditional Spanish omelette called tortilla. Burger lovers and steak fans will also like it here. The interior is modern with such an obvious focus on the 70s that you will almost see Twiggi at the next table. Average check per person – €20-30.


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