On a warm Barcelona night: verandas and bars

Barcelona, Spain

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Kristina Shvets

As spring arrives all you need is open verandas during the day and bar hopping at night, walking from bar to bar and not forgetting to have your snack in between.


This great place has the same owner as Cerveceria Catalana. And they offer the same affordable tapas, shrimp skewers, octopus, yummy calamares a La Romana, small pinchos with steaks and lots of other delicious things. This is a perfect match with good Catalan red wine, nice interiors and a lovely veranda. The maximum bill per one with alcohol will be 20 euros.


A beautiful bar in the heart of trendy El Born district offers all cocktails you can imagine. If you go for classics, try their strawberry mojito, Moscow Mule and Old Fashioned and admire super cool interiors: the latest Barcelona favorites are wooden floors, vintage furniture, tiled bar and the second floor. There you can relax on comfy sofas in the lounge area with an old school piano and dimmed lights.

Els Sortidors del Parlament

This gastrobar in El Raval attracts those who love good food and wine – they boast quite the selection, especially of the wines from the north of Catalonia. A couple of glasses of red with meat or cheese platter is the perfect option. If you had too much wine try their draught with chips and black truffle.

Pipa Club

The place for pipe smokers where you hardly meet one at night. It is a secret apartment in one of the Royal Plaza buildings – to get there ring a bell downstairs, go to the second floor show your ID and you are in. The place is split in three zones – one with a stage for concerts and flamenco classes, the second with a billiard table and the third is a tiny bar with a couple of tables. Its big advantage is that it is the only Barcelona secret bar opened till 5 am while others close after 2-3 in the morning.

Dry Martini

This legendary cocktail bar is officially acclaimed as one of the world's best. When it first opened 30 years ago it served only dry martini and now it's a cocktail mecca with an extensive choice. It is still on the world's top 50 bars list and is ranked third among the best gin places. So don't be surprised to see celebrities with a drink there. By the way, one cocktail will cost you 10-20 euros.


This El Raval place has lots to boast as it dates back to 1820. It was frequented by Dali, Picasso, Gaudi and Hemingway with his pals. Today it offers charmingly kitschy and decadence atmosphere. Inside an old dilapidated building you will find tiled floors, shabby drawers, old mirrors and web-covered lamps – have your absinthe, feel the spirit and move on. It is a Friday night must, especially since rumors have it the place will be closed soon.


This place has two different zones and is visited by trendy hipsters who need an after-dinner cocktail. The farther lounge has vintage sofas and armchairs to sip your passion fruit mojito till the very closure. The first hall is much more vibrant and is sometimes too packed to find a place to lean on the wall. Waiters and bartenders are all tattoos and fancy haircuts. And the location is great – Joaquín Costa the happy street of El Raval where every door is a bar so if you feel bored pop in Betty Ford next door.


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