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We've picked the best vintage stores with beautiful stuff for interior and top selection of clothes coming from various epochs and designers.

Le Swing and Blow by Le Swing

Located in the Born district in neighboring streets, the boutiques complement each other perfectly: one of them sells a wide range of accessories, the other has more clothing items. At one of them you'll meet a smiling girl behind the counter who is always ready to make a good discount if you buy two things at once, at the other you'll see a sullen fine-dressed middle-aged man, who is hardly wishing to take a Bottega Venetta handbag for you from the upper shelf. In both stores, besides expensive brands from vintage and old collections, there are charming no-name things that are at the same time a reflection of the past time style. Prices are all different – from 700 euros for a mohair Chanel jacket to 30 euros for a 1940s hat.

Heritage vintage store

Every other house in the winding alley located in the heart of the Gothic quarter is a shop with an impressive antique collection. Heritage would be the largest and most eye-catching one. Here you will be instantly lost. You better get your senses together fast or your head will go round. There one can find an antique chime clock, 19th century English porcelain figurines, handmade tatted lace bridal dresses, velvet coats, gold embroidered Indian colonial slippers. A courteous gay guy is taking a thorough care of it, and if you ring a bell, he will let you in, but no more than four people at a time. Make sure you pay close attention to the vintage jewelry collection. It is arranged by time sections: here you can find 1920s fine silver, 1940s multicolored bejeweled brooches, a little further we see 1970s very inexpensive clip-on earrings. The most precious items are kept under the glass, while some other things are free to pick up and gaze. The owner will be pleased to talk about each item’s story upon your request.

Motel vintage store

Riera Baixa Street in the lower Raval is famous for its countless vintage shops. Every single one of them is worth a visit, but still the most carefully chosen items can be found in the flawlessly decorated Motel. Aside from the style of the clothes displayed, the owner of the shop has carefully designed the interior – patterned wallpapers, a goldfish in the roundish bowl, furniture and lamps of the 60s, cast iron bath with silk scarves, framed portraits of unknown men and a neon sign lend this place an air of old-fashioned charm and fully comply with the pieces of clothing. Felt hats, velvet bonnets with feathers, silk blouses, pastel colored skirts, pleated dresses, leather shoulder bags and neat lacers in excellent condition – everything looks like it's from a fashion magazine of the second half of the 20th century. The boys' section of the shop offers a wide choice of shirts with nice prints, and seasonal outerwear.


First of all, Joaquin Costa Street is famous for its rowdy bars, where the skaters, fashionistas, and young creative professionals who share upper Raval district with immigrants from poorer countries, spend their evenings. Almost at the very end of the street, not far away from the Universitat square, there is a showroom with a small collection of vintage furniture, glassware, lamps and wallpapers, owned by the Catalans Lydia Matos and Oriole Viñas. Previously, there was shoemaker shop there, but in 2010, the shrewdy couple managed to buy the shop out, and now they collect and restore distinctive interior pieces of the bygone eras.

Deja Vu Concept

This tiny shop packed with vintage furniture was opened by a very friendly young team. Apart from selling selected and repaired items, the guys will be happy

Antique Boutique

This spacious light-filled store in the hippest Gràcia district reminds of splendid halls in last-century mansions – a roomy area with exquisitely arranged color glass-topped tables, elegant curved-legged chairs and life-size porcelain figurines of 'noble' dogs. Huge mirrors in massive frames are hung next to antlers and low painted racks hold crystal vases and heavy decanters with cut-glass lids. Fresh issues of trendy design magazines are carelessly scattered on the tables – the only modern thing that brings us from the era of palaces and nobility back to now.

El Recibidor

This furniture store in Viladomat street looks like a trendy Bohemian-style apartment – extremely high ceilings, light walls partially lined with bricks, large windows in wooden frames, and timber floors. The owners are a match to the place, all impeccably dressed and good-looking. There is a Russian circus poster hanging on a wall, and one of the guys happens to have a Russian grandfather and has bought the poster specifically in New York. Huge space of 80 square meters is divided into two rooms, the owners’ office is upstairs. The collection of 50s-60s furniture is most unusual, the whole aisle is dedicated to lamps. Prices are above the average, but each item is a real catch and is worth it.


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