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Barcelona, Spain

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Nata Ramenskaya Pinto

Our list of Barcelona's most interesting and extravagant places with delicious Basque cuisine.


You'll easily find this spot strolling around the centre of Barcelona. The menu has only tapas, but the choice is really great! Every item on the menu comes with a picture. Pick at least seven differest tapas. I wouldn't go to Txapela for a dinner - just drop in for a snack and you can cross tapas off your Barcelona must-do list.


An amazing Catalan restaurant with a nice terrace and a patio. The menu seems to be composed right for a long relaxing dinner: first come light snacks, then common snacks followed by main and side dishes. Delightful cuttlefish, exquisite fish soup and lamb with garlic sauce are served on big white plates. Prices vary from 15 to 25 euros.

Asador de Aranda

A popular and expensive Spanish restaurant, Asador de Aranda has branches all over the country; only Barcelona has five of them. The menu is substantial and includes dishes from Central Spain, e.g. Castilian milk-fed lamb, spicy 'chorizo' pork sausages, 'morcilla' sausages made of rice and pig's blood and 'pimientos asados' which is red pepper cooked in a Spanish way.

Wealthy Barcelonians won't leave the place without buying a couple of lambs to take away. Though the restaurant is rather expensive, the owners try to keep the prices moderate. For instance, a two-person romantic dinner on St. Valentine's Day will cost you €65.


Velódromo is a Catalan bistro open on Sundays. It is important as Sunday is basically a 'dead' day in Spain. All dining spots are closed and it's a challenge to find a decent place with good cuisine, friendly waiters and a nice terrace.
Ten years ago Velódromo closed down and has only recently reopened. A spacious duplex, it is complete with tables set comfortably far from one another, large windows and free WiFi. Lunch with a glass of wine will cost you €15, dinner will be around €22. The menu has such all-time favourites as octopus, calamaries, beefstakes, tapas and pasta with seafood.

La Gavina

An small but very popular restaurant with long queues. The menu has 20 types of pizza, desserts and drinks. Pizza is made of fresh homemade dough with pineapples, walnuts, goat and blue cheese. In the evenings the place is totally crowded. While you're waiting for a table, the waiter will take you to the bar where you'll be offered a glass of wine and olives, which is a nice bonus.
The owners took a creative approach in decorating the place employing the religious theme. Cherubs, catholic crosses and a huge statue of a priest attract more customers.


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