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Kristina Shvets

One of the reasons to fall in love with Barcelona even more is that you can have here a decent brekkie for €2 and a Mojito for €3. As for the lunch, it won't cost you more than €10, and admission to museums is often free. Our guide includes Barcelona's most affordable and curious spots.

Conesa Entrepans

Located in the very heart of the Gothic quarter in Plaça de Sant Jaume, this old and popular sandwich bistro is a perfect place for breakfast. If you come a bit earlier, you won't have to stand in a line. We recommend you to try one of its hot sandwiches, for example, the bacon, roquefort & onion one. All the sandwiches here are fresh, gluten- and cholesterol-free. What makes the place successful? The service is really fast by local standards, and the staff will constantly make you smile.

Plaça de Sant Felip Neri

Located close to the Cathedral, Plaça de Sant Felip Neri is a small square hidden among the winding sidestreets of the Gothic Quarter. The square features a church of the same name, the lower part of its façade is damaged by the bomb during the Francoist air strike in the late 1930s. Despite such a sad story, the square has an incredibly romantic and intimate vibe. If you have a chance, come here at night when there is not a soul there.

Hotel Neri

Sant Felip Neri Square features one of the most luxurios hotels of Barcelona – Hotel Neri. It is housed in a medieval palace adjacent to a stone building which was partly destroyed during the Civil War. If you're lucky, they will let you go up to the hotel's rooftop terrace with sunbeds and tables in the middle of a small garden. Another option is to sit down right in the square, which is also not bad. A must here is 'café cortado', which is actually an espresso with a little bit of milk dearly loved by everyone in Spain.

La Manual Alpargatera

A very old artisan shop where they make espadrilles – the famous handmade canvas shoes with a jute sole. If there isn't the right size for you, they will take your measurements and you can order a pair that will fit you perfectly.The price is around €10-20 depending on the colour and model.

Jardins de Rubió i Lluch

Jardins de Rubió i Lluch garden is set in the old patio of the former hospital which is now housed by several institutes and the Library of Catalonia. Decorated by small fountains, the garden has lovely mandarin trees growing there. Wind down on a bench and watch students of the nearby art school.


The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (or CCCB) hosts various exhibitions, concerts, festivals and movie screenings, but it's the museum's glass building we've come here for. Constructed in 1957 by architects Helio Piñón and Albert Viaplana, it features a great viewpoint called Mirador – the entrance fee is just €5. However, we suggest that you stand in the middle of the square adjacent to the museum and look up at the upper mirror part of the building which reflects the sea. CCCB also has a bookstore, a library and an art cafe - the entrance is free.


Shalimar is a Pakistani restaurant where you should definitely try an authentic Ticca Masala, chicken with vegetables stewed in an original sauce with spices. As a side dish, take rice or Indian bread with cheese called Naan. If you're up to something more creative, go for Pollo Shalimar (Shalimar Chicken). This one is a local speciality, a chicken with bright pink sauce. The staff claim that the colour is the result of some secret spices added. The portions are really big, the prices are kept low – all in all, a great spot to enjoy!


This flesh pot has already become iconic and very popular among punk rock fans and skaters who hang out next to the Museum of Contemporary Art. Make sure you do not come here too late as you may have to face drunk teenagers. It is one of those places that either makes you squeal with delight or immediately run away. Drop in before 10 pm, a bottle will cost you just a euro. Barmen say, over 140 cases of San Miguel beer only are consumed every week.


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