Bourgeois Day in Sant Gervasi Quarter

Barcelona, Spain

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Kristina Shvets

Sant Gervasi has the best private schools, the fanciest restaurants and the poshest apartments. It is the quarter for rich locals and is part of Zona Alta area. So if you are fed up with tourists, smell of pot and hippies of the Old Town come here to spend a day among respectable folks.


A cafe on the corner of the Turó park, well-known in this district, looks like one of traditional cafes in Paris: it has a cozy terrace where locals spend time sipping from a cup of coffee or a glass of rioja. It's nice to sit down with a coffee and freshly-baked pastry and watch the residents of the other Barcelona, be it a 60-ish lady going to have her hair done in the nearest beauty salon or a Filipino nanny taking children for a walk in the park.


A small store selling Mediterranean-style clothing, i.e. colorful, light and airy things and jewelry designs so favorited by the Spanish – thin bracelets and pendants made of metal, silver and bright beads, delicate rings and Mexican-style chokers. Moreover, here you can also find limited perfumes and crazy cotton palatines for any taste to wrap around the head and rock at a music fest


A grocery store at the entrance to the Parc Turo. Its main attraction is its huge department that sells fruit and vegetables. You can buy seasonal fruit, already sliced and packed, and take them with you to a picnic at the nearest lawn.

Parc Turó

The most neatly groomed, pleasant and odorous park of the Zona Alta. It differs a lot from other such places by its vegetation – it has oaks, date palms, magnolias and tangerine trees. It is partially a botanic garden, and they grow tea-roses that make the whole park smell like a perfume shop. In the very center there is an artificial pond with lilies and a lawn nearby where the locals come to train their pets and have picnics. Note a sculpture at the main entrance dedicated to a cellist Pau Casals.


A popular chain of multi-brand boutiques in Barcelona. It sells both local and global brands - from Helmut Lang, Theory and Givenchy to Aspesi and Golden Goose. Unlike other multi-brand shops in the city, this one really has a good selection of clothes and footwear, so you'll hardly leave it empty-handed.

Casa Paloma

A great restaurant for meat-lovers. From carcasses brought from all over the world they grill steaks and chop tartars. If you suddenly feel like eating a good piece of fresh meat on Argentinean grill, that's where you should go. Becides meat dishes they also have salads, fish, and soups (try the onion one, their specialty). This restaurant is very much liked by the residents of Zona Alta. If you get a chance, try to get a table on the terrace.

Carrer Amigó

Carrer Amigó can be called the quarter's powerful place. It's a green street packed with restaurants, intimate bars, confectionaries, bakeries, as well as small fashion and jewelry boutiques and perfume stores. It's a real pleasure to walk it up and down and watch the quarter's residents.


You won't miss this confectionary because of its shopwindows full of toy-looking cupcakes and shaped cookies. Inside the place is a paradise for the ones who have a sweet tooth. Come in for a cup of coffee and a bite, and if you're lucky enough, there will even be a cooking workshop.


Semon is a foodie's heaven, with gourmet products from all over the world and a wide choice of yummies from Spain. Here you can start your evening with a glass of cava and some nice olives. Apart from a shop there is a big department of ready-to-eat food – it is popular among the locals beacause everything is fresh and made by professionals.


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