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Due to the recent crisis, European trips are becoming quite pricey so here Barcelona comes into play. It has everything to make one happy – the sea, cheap yummy food and wine, cool architecture and loads of fun. Check our guide of cheap but cool places.

Buenas Migas

This Italian coffeeshop chain so dearly loved by the locals is the best choice for breakfast. The terrace offers a stunning view of the sea, and you can watch young girls jogging in small shorts and elegant Catalan old ladies walking their dogs. On a super hot morning order an ice coffee with milk!

Virreina Centre de la Image

La Virreina Image Centre located in a La Rambla palace with a splendid facade is a center to support and develop cultural events in the city. It hosts photo exhibitions, audio visual projections, fests, concerts and other interesting stuff. Among the recent was Ai Weiwei show so check their website to see what's on now. Entrance is free.

Jardins de Rubió i Lluch

Jardins de Rubió i Lluch garden is set in the old patio of the former hospital which is now housed by several institutes and the Library of Catalonia. Decorated by small fountains, the garden has lovely mandarin trees growing there. Wind down on a bench and watch students of the nearby art school.

Dionisos Quick Greek

At this small joint you will find an Armenian making a super yummy Greek kebab with feta, tomatoes, red onion and meat or falafel. Lunch hour is the busiest – people line to get their six-euro lunch (fries and a drink included). Just pita will cost you 3-4 euros depending on the ingredients and it alone makes a nutritious meal. You can also take out a homemade dolma, tzatziki sauce or pahlava.

Olympic Park

You need a good walk after a filling lunch and the best place is the Olympic Park. It's easy to spot almost from everywhere due to the 135-meter TV tower built for the 1992 Games. The design symbolises a torch-bearing athlete. Better come after midday to see how the sun is playing on the squares and spaces of this futuristic park. The best way to get there is taking escalators from Spain Square along the National Art Museum of Catalonia (you won't miss this enormous palace). No entrance fee.


This authentic Indian eatery in lower Gracia looks like a cheap cafeteria with Indians fooling around. Don't rush to judge – they make perfect chicken masala, lentil dal, naan bread with cheese and yummy chips with sauces they bring as complements. Despite its cheap looks and prices the place is really a gem.

Can Paixano

Seems to be the most popular xampanyeria in town keeping its original tapas menu since the opening. Their favorites are hot dogs and jamon and Manchego cheese platter. The food is simple and attracts crowds – some have to struggle to get their kava bottle, but alcovibes make for noisy talks with everybody and a very special atmosphere. Their homemade rose kava is 3-4 euros a bottle, one euro per glass. So it's hard not to roll out of the place singing and dancing after spending 10 euros on the booze. You can also take a couple of bottles away to keep the feast on. If you are in the city for long with a gang of friends they offer delivery – a crate of 12 bottles for 35 euros.


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