Nomad Coffee

Barcelona, Spain


Kristina Shvets

There is a popular idea that in Spain, Italy and Portugal no matter where you buy coffee, it will be cheap and good. Barcelona is quite different, though. Coffee is cheap all right, and even the owner of Michelin restaurant would be ashamed to charge you more that 2 euros for a cup, but the basic cafe con leche (coffee with milk) in most places has a bitter taste to it and doesn't feel right. That's why you should always keep in mind a couple spots where coffee is taken proper care of. One of such spots is Nomad Coffee run by an already famous barrista Jordi. It's a pleasure just watching him work with all the equipment, and if you ask him a couple of questions, the performance will be accompanied by his reflections on the right temperature, sort and the geography of coffee beans. To sum up, it is pure art. Note that here they serve no food, and Jordi doesn't even have sugar, for real coffee maniacs consider adding it to the drink a serious offence.


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