La Caseta

Barcelona, Spain


Rona Suari

On the days of movie screening, there is a big queue of people on the lane leading to the pop-up café at Mirador del Migdia viewpoint. They are all here to buy a ticket to the movies. To avoid the queue, you can buy your ticket online. Don’t pay attention to the crowd and go straight to the ticket inspectors, but don’t immediately take the places next to the fortress wall: from 8 to 10 p.m. there will be a Catalonian jazz performance or something of the kind. At this time it feels much nicer to eat chicken barbecue, corn, grilled on the open fire, drink wine to the rhythm of bossa nova or flamenco and enjoy the sunset with a view to the harbour. You can check the exact schedule in La Caseta on their website. If you chose a movie on Monday or Tuesday, La Caseta is not open then. In this case you can have an open air dinner on the premises of the cinema. They have eco burgers, veggie pies, wine and beer on the menu.


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