La Boqueria

Barcelona, Spain


Anne Oetling

La Boqueria is the largest and the richest food market in Barcelona. It's the only place where you can order, for instance, the freshest octopuses from Cantabria for a charge. The Boqueria is very frequently mentioned in travel guides, still I feel my conscience wouldn't be clear if I didn't tell you about it myself.
The merchants are mainly Catalan people whose families have been working there for centuries. Most of them are already used to being photographed by tourists, so don't miss your chance! You can also take a sit at a long bar counter and watch your delicious monkfish being fried or fresh oysters being served.
Prices for seafood delicacies are above average: €50 for a small Asturian octopus and €10 for a pound of large shrimps.


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