Buenas Migas

Barcelona, Spain


Jenny Kokshina

A local coffee shop chain with an eco twist, Buenas Migas has a number of branches scattered around the Old town. The coffee shops are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus they're very easy to find. Once I could get a glimpse into the kitchen, I saw a lot of staff working there, perhaps there were even more people than in the dining hall. Cooks, bakers, confectioners and their assistants were busy frying chicken fillet, making natural youghurt and cooking jam, sauce and marmalade.
Watch out when you order coffee with milk as it can actually turn into "milk with coffee". My tip is to take a look at another guest's coffee. If the drink seems milky, ask for a separate glass of milk.
Next to the counter, you'll see a small cupboard with jars of jam, butter dishes and grated chocolate. So after you order a plain croissant, you can add a couple of spoonfuls of free cheery jam to it.


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