Brunch & Cake

Barcelona, Spain

Kristina Shvets

A minute walk from Universitat de Barcelona, Brunch&Cake is the tastiest and fanciest spot in the heart of L’Eixample district. At first sight it may seem that only tourists eat here, but in fact it is frequented by expats, students or new residents of the neighborhood. The interior is simple: white walls, wooden tables, iron chairs and flowers everywhere. Sundays are hangover students time – waiters are running like mad to feed their food craving. As for food – 8 euros and you will get a boat filled with salad, bread and sauce – impossible to finish even if you’re starving. Sandwiches are also giant and served with baked potatoes or salad or both. Everything is originally cooked as they care about eating healthy. Better order everything to share to leave room for a dessert – be it a carrot cake or a cheesecake that taste heavenly!


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