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One of the main night clubs in Barcelona, Apollo is set in the former recreation center. At the beginning of the week, the place is incredibly full and noisy as it hosts Nasty Monday and Crappy Tuesday parties. There is however nothing particular on Fridays and Saturdays – just European disco pop.
Nasty Mondays are hosted by two DJ virtuosos - Soren and Mad Max. They mix pop, rock, indie and garage-punk of 1980s. Since 2004 it has become a tradition that these guys get completely wasted while playing their sets and proudly demonstrate their tattooed bodies, which makes the crowd go crazy. This party is so popular that you have to queue for quite a while to get in. The ticket costs €12 and includes one free drink and the possibility to dance the night away until 6 a.m.
For those who want the party to go on, there is Crappy Tuesday next day. There is a little bit less fun on Tuesdays, the music tends to be more electronic, the people are younger, and the face control guys are faster, more loyal, and more polite.


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