National Center for Contemporary Arts (Uralian branch)

Ekaterinburg, Russia


The branch of NCCA in Ekaterinburg is celebrating its adulthood this year – it appeared in the city in 1999, having found location in the building of former school (once Lunacharskiy made a speech here) it proclaimed its mission as introducing contemporary arts into everyday life of the city. Few years after it was opened, on its basis the magazine “ZAART” started to be published; the magazine told about all events in modern art in Ekaterinburg in 2000s. Then came a suggestion to hold a Museums Night in Ekaterinburg, and later the Centre’s projects led to a full-scale event that spread all over the Uralian region – the Uralian industrial biennale of modern art. Apart from the projects for professionals, the Center does its best to make contemporary art part of all the citizens’ lives. The open yard of NCCA is a green territory to lay on the grass, a place where jazz and instrumental concerts are held, a nice playground for kids, a space for making family events and master-classes – i.e. a place where every moment something interesting and educational happens.


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