Yeltsin center

Ekaterinburg, Russia


It is the youngest and most modern museum of Ekaterinburg, it has been opened only recently but already has become a place of strength. Here you can not only get to know the newest history of Russia, but also spend the whole day not getting bored for even a second. On the Center territory there are: a book store “Piotrovskiy”, cinema with interesting film shows, café “1991” where the dishes are cooked in accordance with Naina Yeltsina’s recipes, art gallery with periodically changing exposition – at the opening the collections of Dmitry Kovalenko, Shalva Breus, Vladimir Ovcharenko, Pierre Brochet were shown, and Yeltsin’s Museum itself, that occupies two floors. This multimedia art center can hardly be named “museum”, it is rather a story about life and reign of the first president: here you can find documentary photos, propaganda materials, and everyday life objects like a cupboard with flint glass, and a copy of grenade that played its role in the life of Boris Yeltsin.


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