House of physical culture “Dinamo”

Ekaterinburg, Russia


Imagine a ship approaching the shore, make the image a bit more abstract, consisting of geometric figures, and you will get the initial picture of how the house of physical culture “Dinamo” looks like. It was built by architect Sokolov in the 30s of the last century. A white and light blue building is located on the bank of the Iset river as a symbol of ambiguous creative thinking of its designers. An acute angle of the bay window reminds the front of the ship, balconies on the front – boats, terraces are like decks and the round windows are portholes. Meanwhile, the poetry of the building does not reflect its functionality: numerous passes made it possible to unite hotel, shooting gallery, swimming pool, gyms and lot more required for healthy person up-bringing into one complex. Until nowadays “Dinamo” is still functioning in accordance with its initial purpose and it is a good example of a sport construction built in compliance with constructivism.


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