Sea adventures in Vladivostok

Vladivostok, Russia

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Sea adventures in Vladivostok


Hardly anybody hasn’t dreamed of turning out to be in the future. In reality it is very easy – the geographical extent of our country is that large that the following maneuver can be executed – for example, you can head to Vladivostok and tell your friends about the start of the new day, meeting the sunrise on the sea shore. And then involve yourself into many other interesting things there.

According modern trends the art center is based on the territory of Zarya factory: it used to be a place where famous all over Soviet Union sewing machines were produced; now it “produces” people inspired by creative thinking. Sewing machines that are now part of interior design remind of the past of the place. At the factory you have to go to the second production unit, where in laconic and a bit ascetic interiors the Center creators offer to see new exhibitions of local and not local young artists, attend the lecture on cinema and watch the film from Moscow researches, or visit the master class on ikebana held by a teacher from neighbor Japan.
Moreover, in “Zarya” you can drink a cup of coffee, think over the eternal in the reading room and buy several original souvenirs in local book shop.

Never before in Russia were the bridges built above the sea straits, moreover – the bridges are guy and cover large distance. During three years there were three such bridges constructed here – over the Amur bay, to the Russky island and over the Golden Horn bay. Now the citizens of Vladivostok have the views not worse that the ones of San Francisco do have and moreover now they can reach different districts of the city quite easily – huge guy constructions connect distant points and look like an image of the faraway future.
It is highly recommended to rent a car, turn on a nice song about sea and summer and try to catch the wind into the pocket. It is worth repeating the adventure at night time – thanks to the lights the construction looks even more enormous.

Even if you are a bit afraid to eat the sea gifts, not tasting them during your visit to Vladivostok would be a crime – hardly anywhere else in Russia you can have these delicacies for reasonable price. To get the freshest ones, that have been just caught, it is advised to go to Russky island – head to the pier near Novic Country Club (pass through the restaurant and go down the stairs to the shore). For those who are conservative traditional fish soup ukha is offered; and for those who are braver we advise to try raw scallops and far east oysters that are palm size. After meal it is worth going for a walk along the shore – the island is the largest one in the Peter the Great Gulf, and the coast line is so rugged that practically all the shore is full of bays and harbors, where you can stop for a halt and lay on the sand.

One of the best ways to understand the new city – is go to the local history museum, where everyday life objects were collected during decades. In Vladivostok it is the Arseniev State Museum of Primorsy region that was open in far 1890. The museum has several times changed its name through its existence in accordance with historic disturbances of our country but was always loyal to its initial mission – to tell descendants the history of Amur region. Today you can buy the entrance ticket for 200 rubles and see the old globe (the memory to the epoque of discoveries and sailing the seas), pre-revolutionary cookbook, on which local girls were taught to cook, elegant jewelry and heavy wardrobes. Moreover, the museum regularly holds educational lectures on the history of Vladivostok and thematic expositions, dedicated to for example Russian tsar’s family.

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