Arseniev State Museum of Primorsy region

Vladivostok, Russia



One of the best ways to understand the new city – is go to the local history museum, where everyday life objects were collected during decades. In Vladivostok it is the Arseniev State Museum of Primorsy region that was open in far 1890. The museum has several times changed its name through its existence in accordance with historic disturbances of our country but was always loyal to its initial mission – to tell descendants the history of Amur region. Today you can buy the entrance ticket for 200 rubles and see the old globe (the memory to the epoque of discoveries and sailing the seas), pre-revolutionary cookbook, on which local girls were taught to cook, elegant jewelry and heavy wardrobes. Moreover, the museum regularly holds educational lectures on the history of Vladivostok and thematic expositions, dedicated to for example Russian tsar’s family.


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