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Vlada Bravaya

Imagine the best what Russia has: vast expanses, various nature, generous soul, girls of amazing beauty, banya (bathhouse) after all. Add to it everything that attracts in Moscow: gastronomic restaurants, rampant parties, TV and Instagram celebrities all around. Shake but do not stir and you will get Rosa Khutor 2017 – the correct balance of healthy lifestyle and luxury.

Krasnaya Polyana also attracts by its availability: the flight takes only two hours and a half, no need to make visa, taxi can be ordered via the known app for 1400 Russian rubles, and the time from the airport to the hotel is less than an hour! Where else can you find the same? Local infrastructure is at all not worse than in the Alps, it even anticipates the expectations: here it is tastier, cozier and merrier. And I haven’t yet said about the astonishing temperature contrasts – it’s winter on the top and summer at the foot!

Moreover, despite the spring coming, you still have time to experience it all by yourself – record amount of snow promises to prolong the ski season for whole April, and the resort meanwhile offers very attractive price for this period!
So, whatever time you choose for your visit, Rosa Khutor will surprise you and make you talk about Russia with admiration!


Among the great variety of hotels in Rosa Khutor, the choice should be done for Radisson. It will make you happy with everything – the best quality service; convenient location (the nearest ski lift is in just 100 meters, and even to it you can take an electric car provided by Radisson); the best picturesque views from the windows on both sides of the resort; breakfast with fine dinning elements; ski rental station; cozy SPA center with hammam and jacuzzi; possibility to avoid queue and get the ski pass at the reception; restaurants of White Rabbit Family holding nearby and even cookies presented to you at the checkout. Among this, time and again you meet familiar due to Instagram faces in the hotel – don’t lose the chance to make friends with stars.


The resort became a place where professionals and connoisseurs meet. For example, in the beginning of March a gastronomical festival IKRA was held here. Among the events of the festival there were master classes and special menu from the best chiefs of the world, and several Russian chiefs. On the photo you can see Massimo Bottura, the best chief according to The World's 50 Best Restaurants (among this title, he owns three Michelin stars as well). Apart from lectures and fantastic dinners, festival welcomed the guests with day time parties and hot cocktails in the mountains. So, to conclude, Rosa Khutor is also worth visiting to meet those who share your idea and vision of the amazing. Check the schedule for the upcoming events!


The number one place in the coziest restaurants of the resort is kept by Red Fox. It is so nice here that you want to stay in this place of warmth and tranquility if not forever than until you try everything from the menu. Or at least until you share all the biggest and bravest dreams sitting near the fireplace. Vladimir Mukhin, the outstanding chief, should be thanked for the food here. And for the inspiration one should thank the atmosphere of, the hunting lodge in the middle of nowhere, which is somewhere so far from the reality, that absolutely unexpected ideas come into your mind. The restaurant is not only the best one in Krasnodar region, but also is world wide famous due to the documentaries of BBC and CNN.

Beluga Hunting Après-ski Bar

Après-ski Bar is situated on the height of 940 meters, next to the Sausage Club. Both these places at the ski lift Volchya Scala are worth visiting. First go to gastronomic fast food place White Rabbit Family to grab some “sausisons” and “sausiburgers” that are made of baguette baked on the firewood and fresh chilled meat. And then go for some shots and hot cocktails to the Beluga station. Having satisfied your appetite, choose between heated deckchairs in MTS lounge zone or cozy chairs with cushions at Après-ski Bar. Sunbathe, enjoy the mountains view and dance of course – DJ is playing at the terrace until 3 pm.


In British Banya (sauna) you can not only relax after the day of riding, but also get amazing impressions. The place has nothing to do with Anglo-Saxon traditions. SPA complex offers various procedures: starting from the classic techniques of steaming, and up to North American Indians’ rituals. Whatever you choose you will always feel yourself like in a fairy tale about the dwarfs or other mystical characters. New emotions are guaranteed!


Those who love dinners that smoothly shift into parties should definitely plan a late visit to Chicha. It is worth mentioning that this Peruvian restaurant will handle all the stages of your evening at the high level – you will enjoy gastronomic experiments of Vladimir Mukhin, the chief; special cocktails, nice people around and the music rhythms from DJ Valdis, bar resident. The advice is to order dairy corn tempura with lime, tostados, tiraditos, causas and definitely tuna ceviche (with avocado, batata, and norm with tamarind sauce). You can even choose the dish with your eyes closed – everything is delicious and off the beaten track. Don’t forget about the dessert; missing this option will be a huge mistake. Oh, and of course the drinks – the Peruvian bar has so many unusual - for example, bright green liquor made of guarana and coca leaves. But you should definitely start with pisco sour – Peru national treasure!


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