Sochi, Russia



There are plenty of nature wonders in Sochi region and for sure two weeks’ vacation will not be enough to see them all, not even talking about May days-off. But in case you would like to leave the city anyway, it is highly recommended to see Zmeykovskiye waterfalls, that are located at the river Dikarka, first. The water there is dull blue – seems like someone has put a thick lay of turquoise on the bottom of the river. And the waterfalls with their lulling hum of breaking over the stones spread such splendor and pristine tranquility that it makes all bad and vain thoughts disappear from your head. Zmeykovskiye waterfalls are quite easy to reach – at Sochi railway station take the bus number 120 and the whole trip will be around 45 minutes. Special camping equipment is not required, there are roads leading to the waterfalls, but comfortable shoes and some sandwiches in the backpack are more than welcome.


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