Spot “Hosta-Rica”

Sochi, Russia



The Sochi surf spot “Hosta-Rica”, located in Hosta region, gained its popularity after 2010 when the first Surf Yoga Festival – roaring festival that connected yoga with extreme sports – was held here. Since then “Hosta-Rica” has become the center of Sochi surfers’ meeting point – people surf here even in winter when the water is so cold that even diving suit hardly helps. However, the weather in spring is much milder, that’s why all the advantages of “Hosta-Rica” can be estimated in May not only by experienced surfers, but newcomers as well. And in case you will have to wait for the right waves for a couple of days (yes, such things also happen), you will always find another “lucky” pal there who will gladly share some surfers’ stories with you: for example, how Elena Shevchuk, founder of surf school at Bali, came to Sochi and broke her surfboard right on the first time in the water.


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