Restaurant Iveria

Sochi, Russia



Inconspicuous signpost with “Iveria” written on it hides on the embankment near the hotel “Zhemchuzhina”. Coming down the stairs you find yourself on spacious terrace made from dark wood, where even during summer heat it is nice and cool, and during spring it becomes the perfect place for dinner with a view on sunset and faraway flashing lights of ships. The most delicious dish in the menu is tender baked trout, which doesn’t concede to Mediterranean fish delicacies: in “Iveria” it is stuffed with thin slices of tomatoes and baked with Caucasian spices. The second place belongs to barbeque – mutton, pork, poultry – sweet, lean, with savory Georgian sauces. The waiters are worth mentioning – so friendly and polite that you want to kiss them all when leaving “Iveria”. For example, almost the half of the reviews on Foursquare is deservedly devoted to the waiter Albert.


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