Sochi, Russia


Anna Lavrentyeva

The first peculiarity of “Grusha” – is the location high in the mountains, what allows to come for a cup of coffee in winter practically on snowboard. The second one is connected to its name (in Russian “grusha” means “pear”), it was chosen not occasionally but for a reason: Circassian pear, along with chestnut and fern, has long time been considered one of the local highlights. The bar owners seem to have decided to bring it to the up point and created a place where the following things are made – Italian pasta with caramelized pear, pear cider, pear puerh, chestnut mousse, and special burgers, boiled crayfish, blackcurrant tea with briar and special tinctures (bread one, tomato one, spicy cranberry one). What is also great in “Grusha” is to eat at the open terrace of the restaurant, squint from the sunlight and breath the clean mountain air.

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