Sochi, Russia



It is recommended to start the walk along this very cozy park with no name from the Chernomorskaya street. Here the contrast between the old, Soviet and the new, post Olympic Sochi is more evident than anywhere in the city. From one side the park is surrounded by fancy new buildings with palm trees and ideally cut grass in the yards. Sometimes you even feel you are not in Russia but somewhere in the south of Spain and the ice-cream seller with moustache is about to shout "Helado! Helado!". From the other side, right away when you buy this ice cream and sit on the bench to enjoy the amazing sea view, you will be interrupted by an old lady in colorful hat who will ask you to make a photo of her with lilac on the background, complaining on the side that at Brezhnev’s time girls didn’t wear such short skirts. In case the lady turns out to be too talkative, you can escape from her using one of the stairs hollowed in the rock to the embankment.


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