Sochi, Russia


Vlada Bravaya

Those who love dinners that smoothly shift into parties should definitely plan a late visit to Chicha. It is worth mentioning that this Peruvian restaurant will handle all the stages of your evening at the high level – you will enjoy gastronomic experiments of Vladimir Mukhin, the chief; special cocktails, nice people around and the music rhythms from DJ Valdis, bar resident. The advice is to order dairy corn tempura with lime, tostados, tiraditos, causas and definitely tuna ceviche (with avocado, batata, and norm with tamarind sauce). You can even choose the dish with your eyes closed – everything is delicious and off the beaten track. Don’t forget about the dessert; missing this option will be a huge mistake. Oh, and of course the drinks – the Peruvian bar has so many unusual - for example, bright green liquor made of guarana and coca leaves. But you should definitely start with pisco sour – Peru national treasure!


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