Beluga Hunting Après-ski Bar

Sochi, Russia

Beluga Hunting Après-ski Bar

Vlada Bravaya

Après-ski Bar is situated on the height of 940 meters, next to the Sausage Club. Both these places at the ski lift Volchya Scala are worth visiting. First go to gastronomic fast food place White Rabbit Family to grab some “sausisons” and “sausiburgers” that are made of baguette baked on the firewood and fresh chilled meat. And then go for some shots and hot cocktails to the Beluga station. Having satisfied your appetite, choose between heated deckchairs in MTS lounge zone or cozy chairs with cushions at Après-ski Bar. Sunbathe, enjoy the mountains view and dance of course – DJ is playing at the terrace until 3 pm.

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