Zolotaya Balka

Sevastopol, Russia


Real pirates drink rum, and real romantics drink sparkling wine. This is why having come to Balaklava don’t forget to go for local sparkling wine tasting: firstly, tastings are always fun, and secondly, no one likes the wine snobs. The vineyards of Zolotaya Balka started from knyaz Lev Golitsyn who poetically called the local valleys The Crimean Champagne and created here the first wine cellar. The production of sparkling wine was on in Soviet times, so it is now – Pino and Chardonnay grapevines are grown on this territory, and it is these classic sorts that form the basis of the blend of “Zolotaya Balka”. Several types of Muscat, semi-dry and dry champagne wines and red sparkling wines are available for tasting. And after that you can walk along the shore and admire how more obvious the beauties around you have become.


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