Submarine factory

Sevastopol, Russia


Convenient location of Balaklava was liked not only by ancient military leaders but our contemporaries as well – today anybody can visit a once closed top-secret military complex for submarine maintenance “Object 825 GTS”. According to the builders’ idea, the complex was situated inside the mountain Taurus: the premises were caved in stone itself and were covered by reinforced concrete – the complex was so well strengthened that in case of direct nuclear strike it could not only store 3 000 people (the population of the city at that time) inside but also self-sufficiently function for three years: there were well-equipped command posts, bakeries, premises for storing goods, petrol, oil and lubricants, hospital, accommodation for personnel, canteens, kitchens, bathrooms, showers and even recreation rooms. Nowadays here you can hide from the day heat and feel yourself inside a film about James Bond – evil corporations usually have their head quarters in such bunkers.


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