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Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Yulya Kalanchëva

Du Nord

Mimes in sailor shirts, accordion and French croissants – romantic Paris has moved to the corner of Nevsky and Liteyny avenue, to be more accurate, was recreated. The golden 19th century reminds of itself by the 1834 plaque – it used to be a café back then. Today’s chef took his job serious – apart from crunchy baguettes and blancmange this bakery offers onion soup, salad Niçoise and canard aux pommes. An ideal place for a glass of ice champagne on Sunday morning to make the rest of your day really special.

Dans le Noir

Dans le Noir is dining in the dark experience. Blind waiters will guide you to your table and leave alone facing the darkness and their surprise menu that can easily offer a crocodile meat. Darkness will boost your phantasy and make irrelevant how the food looks but instead focus on its smell and taste. And you can shamelessly eat with your hands or kiss your darling – no one will see. But the experience is not cheap – the average bill is at least 2000 roubles.

Sklad №5

Vintage is still in vogue and the early 20th century inspires not only designers but restaurant owners as well. However it is not retro as it was but rather its ironic interpretation, like Sklad № 5 restaurant located in the former wine cellar basement of the newly reopened gastronome of Eliseyev Brothers. In the dim lights you will be dining in the atmosphere of the last years of the imperial Russia. Seems perfectly classic but has its twist – the menu is burnt in the wooden cutting board and offers traditional Russian snacks – borsch, pancakes with caviar, Baltic herring, ukha fish soup and ....burgers, fries and Caesar salad. If you appreciate a fine joke have some Bordeaux wine with your burger. Though the place is ode to democracy and simple lifestyle, good manners and etiquette are appreciated.


A great central venue to have a bite. Combining several great trends of Asian cuisine its owners managed to make it very European – generous size meals (individual not to share as in Indian or Chinese restaurants). You can try something new and every discovery would be pleasant. Chances are high that your friends will also be dining here but low that you will meet them as the venue boasts two big halls.

Teplo (Warmth)

This labyrinth of a cafe is decorated as a cozy living room and is located far from vibrant streets so there are not so many chances you will randomly pop in. All visitors are friends and love its home-like atmosphere. The food is also granny-recipe like but more of a foodie granny – warm salads, pancakes and cakes are perfect with mulled wine or thyme tea.

Testo (Dough)

Here they make pasta of all shapes and flavors themselves. A little Italian cafe is located at the crossing of the typical St.Pete and very Dostoevsky streets. Perch on a bar stool by the semi-basement level windows to see these streets from a different angle. Everyone you meet in the area is either a resident or a Testo frequenter.

Graf In

Konnogvardeysky Boulevard promenade from Saint Isaac's Square to New Holland doesn't have that many affordable eateries – mostly steak bars, Chinese stuff and restaurants of Gymnasium chain. Try Graf In. Designed by Zhenya Skorikov (his creations include the famous 22.13 and Barbaresco) it consists of two transparent-looking halls with nothing but sparkling clean crystal everywhere. If you want a drink and have lots of money on your card try their signature mixes by Alexander Kan. In the summer they open a veranda, but remember that benches on the boulevard are always free.

Makaronniki rooftop restaurant

Makaronniki has been one of the most popular St Pete restaurants. Located on the roof of Arena Hall business center, it is a perfect summer option with a hammock veranda offering a view of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the port. The menu is Italian and organic plus a special Georgian selection from the chef Lali Minjis. The place is opened daily till 2 am.


Krestovsky Island and its neighbors deserve an expedition of their own. Head there to find ducks, tweendeckers (go to Yelagin Island to have a ride), merry-go-rounds and open-airs. Regatta floating restaurant docked here this winter but the owners already promise to overbuild another floor, construct a stage for concerts and expand the Italian menu with wok and BBQ – a perfect summer option – riverside lunch with the view of the rowers and song of the canary in the cage above the piano.

Ryba (Fish)

Оpen kitchen, huge windows with industrial panorama and the view of Neva waters, hustle and bustle — seems like you are sailing on a gigantic ocean liner. Your journey and catering is provided by Probka group known for their humane and nice attitude. Pizza, pasta and wines attract big vibrant companies of friends sharing their news. And at night the place looks like a giant lighthouse moving closer to the lights of a TV tower across the road.


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