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Saint Petersburg, Russia

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Marina Yurcheva

Founded on May 27, 1703, St.Pete turned 300 last year. From 1712 to 1918 it was the capital and can now compete with Moscow in terms of new bar routes, summer floating restaurants and rooftop gardens.

James Cook

The chain of British pubs offers English, Czech and Belgian beer. You can have it with steak but better take fried smelt fish. The interior is quite traditional, while the Shvedsky Lane location has a veranda with tents where you can also rent a cruising bike for 100 RUR рer hour.


One more Ginza Project, this time focused on the Georgian cuisine (including traditional and that of the people of Guria and Mingrelia): they offer the classics – basturma cured beef, satsivi walnut sauce, dolma stuffed rolls, аs well as exotic stuff – kuchmachi dish of chicken livers, hearts and gizzards with walnuts and pomegranate seeds, chkmeruli garlic fried chicken or chocolate zgapari. If you have never heard of such foods head go to this summer veranda.


Ginza Project venue with the view of Saint Isaac's Cathedral is a mansard roof on the sixth floor of a business center in Pochtamtskaya Street. The owners knew how to benefit its huge windows overlooking Saint Isaac's domes and the roofs. The menu is a blend of European, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Makaronniki rooftop restaurant

Makaronniki has been one of the most popular St Pete restaurants. Located on the roof of Arena Hall business center, it is a perfect summer option with a hammock veranda offering a view of the Peter and Paul Fortress and the port. The menu is Italian and organic plus a special Georgian selection from the chef Lali Minjis. The place is opened daily till 2 am.

W hotel rooftop bar

W hotel is one of the sites of which St.Pete residents can boast in front of Muscovites. The owners of the chain always choose super picturesque locations. This one is right by the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral and its rooftop bar has a beautiful view of the city, but contrasted to the Cathedral's observation deck, it is opened till 4 am and allows wine drinking.

Fartuk terrace

Fartuk cafe in Rubinstein Street has a small summer terrace – a couple of tables under a striped tent all taken by hip folks. Cuisine is traditional homemade: draniki potato pancakes, varenyky stuffed dumplings, solyanka sweet and sour beef soup, and the atmosphere is alike – friendly and kind of slow. They also offer some standard salads, sandwiches and pasta, while their hits are green pea soup with mint; potato and mushroom cappuccino. Weekends the place is opened till 3 am – get a terrace seat, ask for a blanket and enjoy the night with a cider of coffee .


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