Weather Conditions: getting cozy in St.Pete

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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When the sun is up around 10 am and at 4 pm it is already down the only thing you crave is a comfy armchair and a warm drink in gleaming lights and nice atmosphere. You will find all this in our list of places to escape bad weather and to relax.

Oh! Mumbai

What's good about any ethnic cuisine, you always more or less know what to expect. Indian means spicy, exotic and light and Oh! Mumbai meets the expectations: the chef has moved from India, the interiors are decorated with palm trees and oriental chandeliers and walls covered in Hindi writings. Their palak paneer is really burning spicy so you’d want some bitter Indian beer at once, while their curry should be better shared. The place is actually for big companies: wooden tables are moved together and you order half the menu without looking to try everything. Don't hesitate to be noisy, drop your forks or make selfies with a white-bearded sage in the background – you will for sure get a mango lassi on the house.


Contrasted to the original Zhukovskogo location, Buro 2 is more intimate and atmospheric – the accent has been shifted from burgers (though they still dominate on the menu) to the good old European cuisine (Caesar salad, cheese platter and steaks). As for the wine they offer red, rose and white – some typical kinds and rare Georgian wines (glass costs from 120 to 330 roubles) the interior is dark which makes for a good hiding place while warm yellow glow reflects in bottles - lamps decorating the premises.

Coffee Room

The small coffee shop chain focuses on everything cozy, comfortable and homely. So they have these lovely white cacao mugs, which you should hold in both hands, various sandwiches, cream soups and the signature desserts. Their most extraordinary and the cutest location is facing BKZ Oktyabrsky concert hall and is based in a two-storey glass fish tank-like building with huge panoramic windows and a spiral staircase. Orders to the second floor are delivered by a special lift and the view is quite nice, not stunning but at the same time not packed with people. In spring it's good to enjoy the first rays of sun, in winter to watch snowflakes dancing and in summer to hide from the heat.


It's best to discuss a recently seen movie in a calm and somewhat blurred atmosphere. Warszawa bar is just the right and soulful place, with a granny-like buffet and autumn apples in no watter what season. It has remarkable wallpaper, portraits of Soviet-era movie stars on the walls, comfy chairs and dimmed light. They make classic coctails, but favor pure spirits such as wines and whiskey, or beer as a last resort.
The audience matches the venue, with regulars consisting of the local boheme: museum workers, art historians, and generally fans of a peculiar East-European splendor, detective novels from Baltic countries and Soviet films. But first appearance can be deceptive: on Friday and Saturday evenings it is often so crowded that it's hard to get, and parties last till dawn.

Teplo (Warmth)

This labyrinth of a cafe is decorated as a cozy living room and is located far from vibrant streets so there are not so many chances you will randomly pop in. All visitors are friends and love its home-like atmosphere. The food is also granny-recipe like but more of a foodie granny – warm salads, pancakes and cakes are perfect with mulled wine or thyme tea.


A decade has passed since its opening, but Zoom’s frequenters are the same old folks standing by the place as their second home. With piles of books and board games, it is always packed and reservations are available to club card holders only, so you will have to wait. And everyone waits. There is always a mini line to enter the venue and people are patiently waiting to finally eat their favorite ratatouille, quiches and pies.


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