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Saint Petersburg, Russia

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If you are lucky to grasp a stroke of summer in St.Pete, spend some time outdoors and have your meal outside. We've gathered all nice verandas with view that open in spring and work will the gloomiest autumn nights.


Ginza Project venue with the view of Saint Isaac's Cathedral is a mansard roof on the sixth floor of a business center in Pochtamtskaya Street. The owners knew how to benefit its huge windows overlooking Saint Isaac's domes and the roofs. The menu is a blend of European, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.


One of many Ginza venues in St.Pete is a lovely place with neutral interior and a terrace that gives you the view of Kazan Cathedral, Griboyedov Canal, the House of Books and the premises of Herzen Pedagogical University – all major sights of this part of the city from one spot. If all veranda seats are taken, enjoy the view from the main hall, where the sun is alway shining. Food is nothing special – European, Asian and Russian cuisine: from borsch (390 roubles) to seafood udon (690 RUR), a typical touristy combination. Вut you come here not for food but to view the city from a different angle.

Ryba (Fish)

Оpen kitchen, huge windows with industrial panorama and the view of Neva waters, hustle and bustle — seems like you are sailing on a gigantic ocean liner. Your journey and catering is provided by Probka group known for their humane and nice attitude. Pizza, pasta and wines attract big vibrant companies of friends sharing their news. And at night the place looks like a giant lighthouse moving closer to the lights of a TV tower across the road.

Fartuk terrace

Fartuk cafe in Rubinstein Street has a small summer terrace – a couple of tables under a striped tent all taken by hip folks. Cuisine is traditional homemade: draniki potato pancakes, varenyky stuffed dumplings, solyanka sweet and sour beef soup, and the atmosphere is alike – friendly and kind of slow. They also offer some standard salads, sandwiches and pasta, while their hits are green pea soup with mint; potato and mushroom cappuccino. Weekends the place is opened till 3 am – get a terrace seat, ask for a blanket and enjoy the night with a cider of coffee .

Prosto Vino

The name of the place speaks for itself – it’s mostly about wine. Every day new bottles arrive, so you better tell the waitress about your preferences and follow her advice. Prices range from 97 to 297 roubles per glass. Food is fine – generous and fair portions and seasonal offers (ask your waiter). The chef can easily customize any meal while you can choose your cheese and meat platter taking three sorts of each.
The best seats are in the courtyard (book them ahead) – cat graffiti on the walls and lots of cats around. And don't be late, your table will be given away in case of a 15-minute no show and there are more guests than seats. This vibrant and hip place is ideal for a gang of three or more


This little coffeeshop opened two years ago in an ancient grotto that hosted an odd joint in the Alexander Garden and has almost immediately become one of the top coffee spots in town. Guys roast and grind their beans themselves and always tell which sort they have today. On the menu you will find classical cappuccino and rare hario and chemex. As for food, you can try their yummy porridge or syrniki pancakes, sandwiches with "kura"(St. Pete word for chicken) and ham, salads and pastry. Seats are few so if the weather is good, take your coffee and go outside to a faux pond with fish – they have some tray tables and chairs. The view is not that amazing but nice for a break before exploring the Peter and Paul Fortress (it is nearby). However not everything is perfect – the opening hours say 10 but it doesn’t mean they really open at this time. And the place has no bathroom, or even if it does the staff denies this.


Krestovsky Island and its neighbors deserve an expedition of their own. Head there to find ducks, tweendeckers (go to Yelagin Island to have a ride), merry-go-rounds and open-airs. Regatta floating restaurant docked here this winter but the owners already promise to overbuild another floor, construct a stage for concerts and expand the Italian menu with wok and BBQ – a perfect summer option – riverside lunch with the view of the rowers and song of the canary in the cage above the piano.

Teplo (Warmth)

This labyrinth of a cafe is decorated as a cozy living room and is located far from vibrant streets so there are not so many chances you will randomly pop in. All visitors are friends and love its home-like atmosphere. The food is also granny-recipe like but more of a foodie granny – warm salads, pancakes and cakes are perfect with mulled wine or thyme tea.


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