One night in St. Pete

Saint Petersburg, Russia

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A night with nice people with whom you can share your daytime adventures and a bottle of wine is a lovely final touch. We've made a list of St. Pete cafés and restaurants to host you.

Prosto Vino

The name of the place speaks for itself – it’s mostly about wine. Every day new bottles arrive, so you better tell the waitress about your preferences and follow her advice. Prices range from 97 to 297 roubles per glass. Food is fine – generous and fair portions and seasonal offers (ask your waiter). The chef can easily customize any meal while you can choose your cheese and meat platter taking three sorts of each.
The best seats are in the courtyard (book them ahead) – cat graffiti on the walls and lots of cats around. And don't be late, your table will be given away in case of a 15-minute no show and there are more guests than seats. This vibrant and hip place is ideal for a gang of three or more


Zhukovsky Street burger place was opened by three friends with no restaurant business experience just for fun. Buro is a next door cafe for locals but passers by are also welcome. In this little space you can see a guy from next door wearing flip flops, a mother with a kid, a couple on a date and loud folks longing for a snack between bar hopping and arrive by night.
The place is famous for its burgers and they're cool. Their classic is the lamb and coriander burger (290 roubles) or the vegetarian one with beetroot and goat cheese. You can choose the bun – tomato, spinach, rye, chiabatta, four grain or iceberg salad. Any take away goes with a ten percent discount. Their drinks are also good – interesting lemonades (tangerine-cucumber), classic and signature cocktails and homemade liquors on barberry caramels, tangerine peels, and everything the bartender had at hand. Before going have a note that every second Monday the owners host an intellectual quiz and Thursdays 10 pm is movie time so you will hardly be able to have a quiet burger chat.

Duo gastrobar

This is the project of two chefs who were missing live interaction with guests. So they opened a small gastrobar behind the church in an untouristy street. Now they are taking rounds – one is taking orders, pouring wine and asking how they are doing and the second is cooking . The menu is long and tricky: smoked salmon with fresh horseradish, halibut with cauliflower cream, tomato consommé with crab, passionfruit and Gorgonzola. Prices are nice but portions small (the idea of a gastrobar is to taste different flavors) so order several meals at once. Bring your foodie friends to appreciate the concept and not complain that “I am not full with this food.”

Teplo (Warmth)

This labyrinth of a cafe is decorated as a cozy living room and is located far from vibrant streets so there are not so many chances you will randomly pop in. All visitors are friends and love its home-like atmosphere. The food is also granny-recipe like but more of a foodie granny – warm salads, pancakes and cakes are perfect with mulled wine or thyme tea.

Paninaro Alimentari & Vineria

A quiet and somewhat bourgeois neighborhood venue from S-11 team (the sign it is pricey). Their specialty is pizza – with baked pumpkin and spinach, goat cheese, strawberry and arugula, ricotta and estragon, mint and pomegranate seeds. When it is hot outside trey their cold avocado cream soup on coconut milk. They also have a deli for homemade dinners – olives, cheeses and meat snack. Not a must go place but if you're on Petrogradka, it could be a nice option to kill the night.


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