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Not only the book is the greatest gift (it still is) but a great travel companion. Its pleasant heaviness guarantees no loneliness or boredom during your journey. So follow our guide of St. Pete's best bookstores ready to welcome inquisitive readers.

Dom Knigi

Two-storey paradise for book lovers - not e-books but real paper ones with rustling pages. You can find almost any in The House of Books – on nutrition and meditation, sci-fi and world classics. Some people come here just to read – you can wander for hours along the shelves with Pasternak, Hemingway and Palahniuk, sit on a comfy bench or even take the book you like to the cafe located on the second floor. Stay there for hours and talk literature. This place is a mecca for paperback admirers and those who believe in tactile bond with the books.

Poryadok Slov book store

A little shop on the Fontanka embankment has piles of books not so easy to sort out. Poryadok Slov regularly hosts presentations, lectures and readings and is packed on those days. All events are informal – thus, at the recent lecture on hangover participants were kindly treated to sangria. The owners have a soft spot for non- fiction, so forget about “something light to read” (in case you read Wittgenstein as a bedtime story), but you can get pretty interesting stuff about theater or cinema, memoirs, books on philology, sociology, poetry and nice kids books for your nephews.

Vse Svobodny

The first challenge is to find the place. The owners know how confusing St.Pete labyrinth-yards could be so you will find detailed directions how to get there from Moyka Embankment or Volynsky Lane. However, you should better call before going. The store reminds of a book flea market where you can blissfully wander for hours looking for nothing in particular. Humanitarians will love the range – literature, philosophy, art, science and politics. You can also order a reprint or get notified when the desired book arrives. If you are exhausted, have a break in the next-door teahouse or look for the local – black cat Ulysses. You can pet this everybody’s darling and buy a canvas tote with its face.

Podpisnye Izdaniya

Contrasted to small joints with specialized books this is a full-fledged historic store – it opened here in the early 20th century so the Novy Passage building saw generations of St.Pete knowledge-seeking intellectuals. Today they sell the latest editions and lovely stationery – kraft notebooks, pens, cupcake-shaped notepads, St.Pete postcards and canvas totes with literary quotes. The owners follow local traditions – drink wherever and whenever you like and can make their DJ friends sell books and then treat everyone to wine – just a party in a book store, why not. It is also home to a coffee shop from the guys who opened Bolshekofe! and Znakomtes Joe – the same coffee but in amid book shelves.


Lebigmag was and still is an online kiosk for magazine snobs offering the best magazines on architecture, design, culture art and fashion from all over the world. The owners announce new arrivals once a week on social networks so you will not miss the one you need.
Recently they opened a balcony in Podpisnye Izdaniya bookstore in Liteyny Avenue, 57. Their corner is a sort of library where you can lef through a magazine before subscribing. Or just have a coffee and a view of the store like a secret watcher.

Dvadtsat Vosmoy (the 28th)

The store is owned by Komilfo publishing house that deals with comic books and is located on the first floor of Tkachi creative space. So here you can find the Russian classics and overseas cartoons about Superman or Iron Man, or Shuan Tan's The Arrival. They sell great gift sets like Banksy works or manual on the Batman universe – a perfect thing for a fan. They also have the related paraphernalia – candy, posters or Adventure Time action figures. The place rarely sees random visitors – fans only. The books are carefully chosen to match the vibe and philosophy of the publishing house.


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