Vkusnie Shtuchki

Saint Petersburg, Russia



One of those places whose exterior totally contradicts the interior. While it looks like a shabby cafe with half-lit hall and the early 2000s interiors the place is a mecca of foodies. They serve homemade ice cream with crazy flavors – Borodynsky rye bread, tikka masala, goji berries, sour cream and cinnamon, mustard and saffron, peanut, tomatoes and mozzarella … However not all are available – better check the counter.
The portion is exactly 100 g served in a wine glass (never mixing), but you can have a takeaway for 140-150 roubles. Don't overestimate yourself – you will hardly cope with more than two no matter how yummy they are. When you come next time check their red berry cake and cannelloni.


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