Pif-Paf (Bang-Bang)

Saint Petersburg, Russia



This is the venue of many trades: a bar, a burger joint and a hairdresser's. They even have an improvised veranda – two tables on the embankment of Griboyedov Canal. You can taste their trademark burgers (they bake buns themselves) – a vegetarian with Adygei cheese and veggies or meat and fish one and drink coffee. At night come for a new hair cut and a long drink to later stay for the crazy beats of local DJs. You can dance until the subway opens and they will even give you breakfast. The crowd depends on a party – one night this could be blue-haired fairies in white gowns while on the other – a cake-and-champagne formal anniversary. In any case head to the bar and order one of their color shot-sets (450 roubles for four) – Green with sorrel or Yellow with buckthorn and get the party started


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