Saint Petersburg, Russia



This modest bar rarely sees strangers. Its waveform bar counter (reminds of the bay) attracts pale crème de la crème of St. Pete intellectuals – from movie critics to reporters and mathematicians. They share not just poker faces but a well-defined goal – they come here to have a drink. So forget about food, they have appetizers only: four types of sandwiches (100 roubles each) and that's it.
Their cocktails are thoroughly and rightly mixed classics without any extravaganza. Try their Free Ingria (250 RUR ) fenberry liqueur and Severny shot with the famous Minttu you all know from Finnish duty free. If you can’t make up your mind, ask the bartender for his pick and be ready for surprises.
Unpretentious interior is great for both gang fun and intimate tête-à-tête with aquavit. But the best thing is to come alone take some port wine and feel the Leningrad splean.


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