DLT department store

Saint Petersburg, Russia


Irina Kruzhilina

The House of Leningrad Trade was built in early 20th century to become a department store. The idea was hoorayed and the place soon became so popular that it forced the closure of nearby mom-and-pop store . After the Revolution, it was home to offices and the first state department store. Ten years later it got a different name and stood empty amid Soviet deficit (unless some 20 pairs of boots were suddenly supplied triggering huge lines – but it was a common story for any Soviet store). Its best times were post-Soviet era when DLT sold imports: millions of Barbie dolls and toy racing cars, designer clothes, furs and candy.
In 2005, it was closed for renovation and its grand opening has been awaited. In 2012, this finally happened, the name was kept (people love the three letters), but the place turned into an upscale department store, a twin of Tsum in Moscow.


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