Saint Petersburg, Russia



This little coffeeshop opened two years ago in an ancient grotto that hosted an odd joint in the Alexander Garden and has almost immediately become one of the top coffee spots in town. Guys roast and grind their beans themselves and always tell which sort they have today. On the menu you will find classical cappuccino and rare hario and chemex. As for food, you can try their yummy porridge or syrniki pancakes, sandwiches with "kura"(St. Pete word for chicken) and ham, salads and pastry. Seats are few so if the weather is good, take your coffee and go outside to a faux pond with fish – they have some tray tables and chairs. The view is not that amazing but nice for a break before exploring the Peter and Paul Fortress (it is nearby). However not everything is perfect – the opening hours say 10 but it doesn’t mean they really open at this time. And the place has no bathroom, or even if it does the staff denies this.


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