Saint Petersburg, Russia



In the evening, you will hardly find a seat in this Israeli place – a free table sounds like a miracle. Local falafel is to blame. Even competitors admit it's one of the best in town. They also have really good hot pita baked on the spot, original cocktails with halva and pomegranate juice and a perfect atmosphere. The place is loud, noisy and very cozy. A curly Judith-faced waitress is dancing around, a slim boy informs the visitors about Israeli appetizers joining them at their table and a mustached bartender is always smiling and mixing drinks according to his own recipes. The menu is all classics: shakshouka for breakfast and huge shawarma for dinner. If you came with friends take their sets served with pita. And with your coffee order the real rose water and dates: chefs tried their best to recreate the taste of their childhood. But beware – the food is calorie-loaded while alcohol doesn't come cheap, like in Israel, so the place is 100 percent authentic.


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