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Novosibirsk, Russia

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Pitchii Coffee and Waffles

The place somehow reminds of The Barn in Berlin, though yet doesn’t have its own coffee roasting. Here you can not only eat and drink a cup of coffee or tea, but also just sit, spend time with your friends, relax flicking through the magazine Kinfolk, and listen to the music that here is played on vinyl records. The educational purpose of the café is the popularization of the real black coffee, without syrups, lavender, or marshmallow in the cup. For those who wake up late, breakfast is served until 4 pm. On the menu you can find granola with cottage cheese and avocado, poached eggs on cottage cheese, sandwich with salmon, chicken or tuna, various tarts and waffles. Special attention should be given to cottage cheese pancakes, they are so much popular here that can force the name of the place to be changed. For those who are keen on healthy life style, dishes with spinach waffles are offered; and those who plan a busy day can take a “hearty breakfast” that will provide them with energy until late dinner.

Zoo of Novosibirsk

Zoo of Novosibirsk can help turn a walk into a small adventure. The task is not only to see all animals and birds, the number of which is around ten thousand, but also to observe a new generation. It is in summer when born in spring babies are shown to the public. You have to hurry to see them as the growing babies of mongooses, foxes, wolverines, lynxes and monkeys will soon be transported to other zoos. Don’t forget to find the aviary with sociable white bears Kay and Gerda. In the territory of the zoo there is also dolphinarium where shows are held, and a pond with ducks.

The big planetarium

The planetarium is situated quite faraway, but in summer time the trip is really worth it. Various entertainment as well as scientific and educational programs, together with the park zone on the territory of 7,5 ha, designed as a model of solar system, will definitely leave pleasant memories. During the day time the virtual panoramas of starry sky are demonstrated on full domical screen of Star hall, and at night you can see the real-time pictures received from the satellites. You can learn the basic physics laws in the scientific museum “Mars-2003”. And the Fuko Tower with pendulum will show the process of the Earth rotation. In case you feel hungry – go straight to the canteen. And of course, don’t forget to visit observatory and film studio.

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The Rooks

In a cozy, like in Saint Petersburg, yard a beer barf The Rooks is situated. It is considered to be the place of hipster wave launch on Kommunisticheskaya street. The place is good for both – spending here the whole night or coming for a couple of craft beer pints and talks with friendly barmen.

Sosedi (Neighbors)

It is not a secret here that the menu highly depends on the catch, crops and weather conditions in a concrete region. And it is really good taking into consideration the geographical variety of cuisines presented in this restaurant. The menu has dishes starting from Buryatia to the Far East, including the Kurile islands and Sakhalin. Among worth trying dishes are shchi (cabbage soup) with smoked goose, Sakhalin oysters of astonishing size, Buryat buuzy and sliced frozen venison. It is best to start with special nalivka (special fruit liquor) and to finish with urma, made from dried fruits, nut and honey. And in case your flight is in couple of hours, please do take away frozen vareniki (curd or fruit dumplings), buuzy, pancakes and pelmeni (dumplings with meat).

Park “Gorodskoye nachalo”

A young park Gorodskoye nachalo is picturesquely located along the Ob river embankment. It is situated not far from the city center and perfectly suits for a relaxed walk along the river at the sunset after a busy day.


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